I am a potter making tableware items such as jugs, bowls and cups. I love the whole process of making a pot, from a lump of clay to a finished jug; it can be very meditative and therapeutic. I enjoy creating rounded, almost belly-like forms. I am particularly drawn to rolling, natural lines of the landscapes and the curves of the human body. My passion is for simplicity in line, colour and shape.

I was first introduced to pottery whilst studying for a fine arts degree in New Zealand. More recently I learnt with Roberto Gagliano in Brighton and completely fell in love with the process of shaping clay.

My studio is based at Coachwerks, a community arts and events space in Hollingdean, Brighton, where I spend my time making, experimenting and honing my technique. I currently sell my pieces on Etsy and at Earthsea Wholefoods Shop in Coachwerks. I run evening workshops for those wishing to learn the art of clay. I also work to commission.